This is an agreement between the Pet business (Hereinafter referred to as “Retailer”) and You, the Purchaser, and provides a MAXIMUM reimbursement of up to the purchase price of the animal. This Warranty provides the remedies available to You in the event something is wrong with your new pet. It also contains specific actions that You must take to ensure the warranty is enforceable and in the event you need to make a claim on the warranty.

1. You take your pet to a licensed veterinarian for a “Wellness Check-Up,” WITHIN FOUR (4) BUSINESS DAYS of the date of purchase or date of pick-up, whichever is later

1.1 Pre existing conditions and any bills that may arise from them are not covered under this warranty. A pre existing condition for the purpose of this warranty is defined as a listed condition on the State of Florida certificate of health by a state licensed veterinarian. This condition will also be listed at the top of the warranty page titled “pre existing condition.” Your physical or electronic signature on both the Florida certificate of health and the warranty page is verification and full irrevocable acceptance of this section.

2. DESCRIPTION OF WARRANTY: Subject to the exclusions listed herein, Retailer warrants that the pet You have purchased is and shall be, for one (1) year, free from: (a) Illness attributable to the Retailer within the incubation period; (b) Hereditary defect or illness (specifically, genetically transmitted defects or illnesses); (c) Congenital defect or illness (specifically, defects or illnesses existing at or before birth).

2.1 In the event any provision of this warranty violates a requirement or limitation in applicable law, the standard(s) set forth in state law shall govern.

3. EXCLUSIONS FROM WARRANTY: The following items are NOT covered under this Animal Limited Warranty, regardless of whether the illness or disease is attributable to the Retailer, or is Congenital or Hereditary:

3.1 Any elective treatment or care that is not medically necessary, including, but not limited to: (a) Psychological or Behavioral Conditions or training or counseling; (b) Spaying or Neutering; (c) Cosmetic surgery or cosmetic grooming of any kind or type; (d) Non-prescription drugs, including specialized vitamins, foods, or supplements; (e) Recreational boarding, kenneling or training; (f) Burials or cremation.

3.2 Any disease, illness, and medical condition that is the result of Your failure to provide reasonable care, including any aggravation or exacerbation of disease, illness, or medical condition otherwise covered by this warranty, including, but not limited to: (a) Your neglect or mistreatment or injury of the animal; (b) routine care or maintenance of the animal; (d) your failure to follow requisite medical recommendations; (e) care that could have been prevented by routine vaccination(s).

3.3 The following diseases, illnesses, and medical conditions: (a) All Cancer related medical treatments or services related thereto; (b) All dental related medical treatments or services, regardless of whether hereditary congenital or other; (c) Hypoglycemia, (d) Any expenses incurred AFTER death of the animal.

4. REMEDIES: In the event you must submit a claim under this Warranty, You will be reimbursed for veterinarian fees incurred as a result of an illness covered by this Animal Limited Warranty up to the purchase price of the animal, for one (1) year from date of purchase or pick-up, whichever is later.

5. PROCEDURE FOR SUBMITTING CLAIMS: In the event You must submit a claim under this Warranty, You must submit the following information by email or fax to the Warranty Administrator within sixty (60) days of each veterinarian visit to: ATTN: WARRANTY ADMINISTRATOR

(A.) A copy of the Animal Limited Warranty, completed and signed; And, (B.) A copy of the initial “Wellness Check-Up” with diagnosis of illness and itemized statement of treatment and costs. (We must have a diagnosis to process your claim. Without a diagnosis, all claims will be disregarded.)

6. DISPUTE OVER CLAIM: If You dispute the Warranty Administrator’s determination of your claim, whether in whole or in part, You may request that the Warranty Administrator reconsider Your claim by submitting a written request for reconsideration to the Warranty Administrator within sixty (60) days of the Warranty Administrator’s determination. Your request for reconsideration must be in writing and must include the reasons for reconsideration and any additional documentation You want the Administrator to consider. The Administrator will promptly provide a written explanatory decision on your request for reconsideration.

6.1 Requesting reconsideration is a prerequisite to any other action in order to dispute the Warranty Administrator’s determination, including the filing of a civil suit. The Warranty Administrator is not liable to You for any claim.

6.2 I agree that any dispute arising out of this contract shall be resolved privately through alternative dispute resolution.

I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTY AND AGREE TO ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. is in accordance with Florida State Law and is ONLY liable to the extent of Florida Pet Law section 828.29. It is the consumer’s right, pursuant to section 828.29, Florida Statutes, to receive a certificate of veterinary inspection with each dog or cat purchased from a pet dealer. Such certificate shall list all vaccines and deworming medications administered to the animal and shall state that the animal has been examined by a Florida-licensed veterinarian who certifies that, to the best of the veterinarian’s knowledge, the animal was found to have been healthy at the time of the veterinary examination. In the event that the consumer purchases the animal and finds it to have been unfit for purchase as provided in section 828.29(5), Florida Statutes, the consumer must notify the pet dealer within two (2) business days of the veterinarian’s determination that the animal was unfit. The consumer has the right to retain, return, or exchange the animal and receive reimbursement for certain related veterinary services rendered to the animal, subject to the right of the dealer to have the animal examined by another veterinarian

One (1) Year Hereditary and Congenital Guarantee
In the event of a hereditary or congenital (non – emergency) defect or illness within the first year, you must do the following to be covered:
Notify the warranty administrator of the hereditary defect prior to ANY treatment or remedy of that defect.
Submit a copy of the “Animal Limited Warranty” completed and signed; and the initial “Wellness Check-Up” examination results along with a detailed diagnosis of illness and itemized statement of suggested treatments prior to ANY services rendered.
The pet MUST be allowed to be examined by the current retailer’s consulting veterinarian PRIOR to any remedy or treatment of said defect.

Fourteen (14) Day General Health Guarantee
If within the first FOURTEEN (14) days a general health related problem occurs such as bladder infection, kennel cough, upper respiratory, pneumonia, giardia, coccidia, intestinal parasites, worms, ear mites, or parvo, you must do the following to be covered under this warranty:
Visit the provided retailer’s consulting veterinarian(s) or a vet of your choosing and all necessary treatments will be billed directly to

Conditions and Procedures

  1. Prior to any reimbursements, you must have the pet examined at one of the retailer’s consulting veterinarians unless explicitly directed otherwise by warranty administrator e.g. a vet of your choosing .
  2. is NOT responsible for veterinarian’s fees for examinations, x-rays, laboratory testing or any extra treatment.
  3. is NOT responsible and WILL NOT reimburse for emergency clinic fees PRIOR to authorization.
  4. All reimbursements will be at the rates charged by the consulting veterinarian.

(a) This Warranty is NOT insurance. (b) This puppy is provided only as a companion pet. (c) Size, temperament, trainability, or social ability is not warranted. (d) There is NO guarantee of the adult look of mixed breed puppies. (e) Registration papers may be supplied as a courtesy only, are not guaranteed and not considered part of this transaction. You accept that you are purchasing and paying for the puppy and not registration papers. Standard expected delivery of registration is up to 120 days post purchase date. Request for registration papers must be made by purchaser. (f) Purchaser understands, accepts, and waives any challenge that would otherwise be made to any third party merchant involved in this original transaction pertaining to pet dna test kit results. Purchaser acknowledges and accepts that such test kits do not provide reliable and accurate results and thus are acknowledged as invalid. (g) There is no warranty implied that the purchaser will be able to use this puppy for showing or breeding purposes. (h) does NOT cover other animals in your household. Please isolate the new puppy for the first fourteen (14) days. (i) This puppy is up-to-date on vaccinations for his/her age and will need additional vaccinations. (j) is not responsible for errors, omissions, or misrepresentations by staff members or others. (k)  The standards set forth in state law shall supersede in the event any provision of this warranty violates a requirement or limitation. (l)  An animal may NOT be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after the consumer takes possession of the animal. (m)  A veterinary finding of intestinal or external parasites is NOT grounds for declaring a dog or cat unfit for sale. (n) By signing below you allow any photographs taken at to remain property of and to be used on any affiliated web sites.

Absolutely No REFUND, EXCHANGE, OR RETURN will be available unless the following condition is met:

  • A veterinarian certifies in writing the pet to have been unfit for sale at the time of purchase, and other requirements provided by Florida law have been met. You must notify the Warranty Administrator within two (2) business days of determination that the animal is unfit and submit diagnosis to the Administrator within three (3) days following. You are provided a Florida Health Certificate verifying the health of the pet. Once the pet has passed the Wellness Check-Up, it may not be deemed unfit.

Due to certain unknowns of any living animal; in the event of a congenital, hereditary, or any general health related condition and the above is met, will provide an equivalent replacement pet of equal monetary value within 30 days of return.

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