16 Easiest Puppies To Train

Getting a new pup is so much fun because they’re cuddly, adorable and cute — regardless of the dog breed. However, when it comes to what makes a breed perfect for your home, there’s plenty to consider. Well-behaved and happy dogs don’t just magically end up that way; they’ve been consistently and successfully trained. Getting from puppy-hood to that stage isn’t always easy, but you can choose a popular breed that’s more receptive and eager to please.

What Makes a Dog Breed Easy to Train?

Temperament and intelligence are two parts of a dog’s personality that influence how easy they will be to train. Learning the basics of friendly dog behavior is easy enough for most dog breeds, provided the owner is consistent and precise in their approach. However, when it comes to dog training for advanced skills, such as spending time with children, guarding the house or running, and learning new tricks, you need to look into specific characteristics of each breed.

1. Bernese Mountain Dog


Bernese mountain dogs are mild-tempered, friendly giants that take to training like a duck to water. They adore being in the great outdoors, and provided they’re given at least an hour of exercise each day and get plenty of human interaction and socialization, they’re unlikely to act up. As a large working breed, they’re gentle, easygoing and tolerant.

2. Havanese


Havanese dogs are incredibly eager to please and feel an immense sense of gratification when they delight their owner. This makes teaching them tricks and commands super-easy because they’ll relish the praise they receive for a job well done. These little guys are trainable, smart and funny, with an appetite for being the center of attention.

3. Border Terrier


For a terrier, borders are laid-back — but they’re still balls of energy that require plenty of activity. They’re affectionate, mild-tempered and keen to please their favorite people. Aside from when they’ve caught sight of small prey, they’ll come when called and do as you ask them.

4. English Springer Spaniel


The English springer spaniel has been bred to hunt all day and work incredibly hard on the field. Nonetheless, when they’re home or with people they trust, they’re enigmatic and mild, with a strong urge to make their owners happy. With clear instructions and positive reinforcement, these dogs are very simple to train.

5. Doberman Pinscher


We wouldn’t recommend a Doberman for a new puppy owner because they can become challenging and destructive if they get bored or lonely. They require intelligent handling, but an experienced dog trainer can get these pups trained as guard dogs for the home, search and rescue or become a canine athlete.

6. Papillon


The small but mighty papillon is a tiny bundle of energy that needs plenty of stimulation to keep them happy. They’re alert, friendly and eager to make their humans proud of them.

7. Labrador Retriever


As the most popular puppy breed in the US, the Labrador has earned its reputation as the ideal family puppy companion. They love people, other dogs and pets and very rarely show any signs of aggression. These incredibly bright dogs need lots of exercise, and they repay their owners with obedience.

8. Rottweiler


Rottweilers need to be socialized, given lots of mental stimulation and under no illusions as to who’s boss. An experienced trainer can teach these sturdy working dogs to become obedience competitors, therapy dogs, service dogs, herders and police dogs.

9. Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Pembroke Welsh corgis are happiest when they have a job to do. They adore their family and become protective — they might even try to herd you! The Pembroke Welsh corgi is an intelligent breed, is good with children and one of the easiest dog breeds to train.

10. Miniature Schnauzer


Miniature schnauzers are smart pups that find learning commands and tricks easy. However, this small dog requires the best dog training to stop them from barking excessively and plenty of exercise to keep them entertained.

11. Golden Retriever


For a first-time puppy dog owner, the golden retriever is the perfect addition to your family. These dogs are joyful, loving and intelligent.

12. German Shepherd


Famous for its prowess as a police dog, the German shepherd dog is a highly intelligent dog that can learn complicated tricks and behaviors. These pups can start learning their name and basic commands as young as three months old.

13. Boxer


The boxer is an even-tempered canine that enjoys learning commands and rising to a challenge. They’re patient and protective, making them great additions to families with children.

14. Border Collie


As one of the smartest dog breeds out there, the border collie is an excellent choice for an experienced dog owner. They also require high levels of stimulation to prevent them from getting bored and bring out the best in their obedience and athleticism.

15. Standard Poodle


Standard poodles are fabulous when it comes to obedience and intellect. They love tracking, hunting and agility courses, and in return for plenty of exercise through dog sports, they’re loving and easy to train.

16. Designer Dogs


Designer dogs are usually the result of breeding two pedigree breeds together to get the best of both worlds. They often present hybrid vigor, which means they demonstrate enhanced traits from each parent. Designer dogs are often clever and take well to consistent training sessions.

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