Best Dogs for Young Kids

It’s important to choose the right canine companion for your family, especially if you have little children. The good news is, dogs and young kids can get along famously, fostering loving relationships for years to come.

To help with your search for the perfect puppy, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 family-friendly breeds. These dogs typically have playful and affectionate personalities that make them a good fit for homes with little ones.


The lovable dachshund has a long body and little legs that keep it low to the ground. Despite its small size, it’s full of energy and can keep up with the most active families. Dachshund puppies come in standard and miniature sizes, with smooth, long or wiry coats, so you’re sure to find one that wins over your heart.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear puppies are a lovable small breed dog. Affectionate and inquisitive, the Teddy Bear is a non shedding hypoallergenic playful friend for you and your family. Teddy Bears are small yet sturdy enough to enjoy playful interaction with children.


Friendly and gentle this light hearted breed will bring joy to your life. The Cockapoo is a medium sized non shedding easy to train partner. This extremely popular breed is outgoing and requires moderate levels of activity. Agile and lovable the Cockapoo puppy makes for a great friend.

Boston Terrier

Affectionate, gentle, and always formally dressed the Boston Terrier is one of America’s favorite breeds. Holding to classic terrier form this mighty pup brings lots of fun and energy. The Boston has a huge personality and is a great friend to have. This breed ranges from 15 to 25 pounds and typically stands 11 to 18 inches tall. The Boston is relatively easy to groom and generally adapts well to training.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It’s hard to resist this toy breed’s big round eyes, floppy ears and gentle demeanor. Cavalier King Charles spaniels love company and fit perfectly into homes with other dogs and young kids. Easygoing and adaptable, they’re content with quiet cuddle time and an active, outdoor lifestyle.


Bred as a hunting dog, beagles are loyal, friendly pups that enjoy good company and lots of exercise. They’re often described as happy and sweet-tempered. Smaller beagles grow up to 13 inches and weigh less than 20 pounds. Larger varieties are between 13 and 15 inches in height and weigh up to 30 pounds.


With their smooshy faces and soulful eyes, pugs are one of the most expressive breeds of dogs. These pups are easygoing and patient and love their humans, making them great companions for young kids.

Miniature Poodle

Miniature poodles may look elegant and reserved, but standard poodles are good-natured and energetic. Their trademark curly fur sheds less dander than most other furry friends, making them a good option for families with allergies. Smart and obedient, these well-mannered dogs are easily trained.

Siberian Husky

A pack dog by nature, the Siberian husky loves people and thrives as part of a family. Siberian husky puppies so sociable that even strangers can be showered with affection. This free-spirited canine is used to working hard pulling sleds and loves to get out for a good run.

Golden Retriever

Golden Labrador retrievers are smart and easy to train, which is why they’re often used as guide dogs and in search-and-rescue missions. They’re also a popular breed for families thanks to their infectious exuberance. These beautiful pups love to fetch and swim and are patient with children, making them devoted canine friends.

While all of these breeds are popular choices for families, keep in mind that every pup has a unique temperament, and dogs and young kids should always be supervised. But once you’ve found the right match, your new furry friend can bring many years of happiness and companionship. Find a puppy for sale near Tampa today.

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