Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Many Australian shepherds still work as cattle herders, while others earn their keep as therapy dogs and in search and rescue. An active, easy going dog breed, the Aussie is extremely intelligent and loves close attention from family members.

You can’t help but notice the Australian shepherd closely resembles the border collie. In fact, recent testing found that the two breeds are closely related. They have alluring green or amber eyes with that distinctive alert sheepdog gaze. Their mid-length coat comes in dark brown, blue and yellow, as well as contrasting blue merle or red merle varieties. This medium-sized puppy weighs from 35 to 70 pounds and stands 18 to 23 inches in height. Generations of working-based breeding means that the Aussie is generally a healthy breed.
History of Aussie Puppies
Despite the name, the Australian shepherd’s bloodlines are as much in the United States as the Aussie Outback. In the early 1800s, shepherds from the Pyrenees Mountains in Europe traveled to Australia, taking their faithful dogs with them. As time went on, some of these decided to explore America and headed to California. Ranchers already established there admired the working qualities of this recently arrived breed. They assumed they were Australian, hence the name Australian Shepherd. These dogs were then further refined and honed in America.
Australian Shepherds are regular shedders, meaning they need weekly brushing sessions and more when they lose hair heavily once or twice a year. During this shedding season, an undercoat brush can be used every two or three days. To keep their waterproof, double-layer coat looking its best, occasional trimming is recommended. They only require bathing on an as-needed basis.
With their working instincts still present, Australian shepherds love to be busy. They’re always on the go and like to get involved in everything their family or owner is doing. Aussies thrive when part of an active household that indulges them.

Like most intelligent breeds, keeping the Australian shepherd busy is essential for these dogs. Ideally, this is a combination of physical and mental stimulation that keeps their working instincts fulfilled.
The Australian Shepherd needs plenty of exercise. Activities, like jogging, chasing balls, biking, and playing Frisbee, are constructive outlets for their enthusiasm. A decent-sized yard to help it work out its abundant energy is strongly recommended. This is definitely a breed for those who can commit to ongoing activity, as their strong work drive can lead them to mischief if not occupied.

The Australian shepherd is an extremely intelligent working dog with strong working instincts. A loyal companion, it has the energy to work and play all day.
Our Health Tested Puppy’s Have a 14-Day Guarantee
At Puppies St. Pete Florida, we provide a 14-day health guarantee. If within 14 days of your puppy’s arrival at your loving home you must see a veterinarian for any general health issues, please contact one of our consulting area vets and schedule an appointment.

Seeing one of our consulting vets for a general health concern arising within this 14 day window means the veterinarian will bill us directly for any non-optional care and not you. Assuming it is a covered expense, we will continue to cover the necessary care until your health concern has been resolved to your satisfaction.

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