Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Boston’s small size and lively, affectionate nature make it a great companion and family pet. They love children but are equally at home with older people.

Whether you’re looking for Boston terrier dogs for sale or simply researching this fabulous little breed, read on! 

Breed History

A cowboy boston from American kennel club - breed club for dog sportsThe origins of Boston began in Liverpool, England, in the 1870s. It started when Judge, a crossbreed between an English bulldog dog breed and an English white terrier, sailed with its owner to Massachusetts.

Over the years, several different breeds were added to this lineage, notably the French bulldog. This reduced the size of the Boston and added a much calmer temperament to the small pet we know and love today.

Their relaxed and friendly nature means they have easily made the transition to docile family companions.

Size and Health

Boston terriers typically stand at a compact 12 to 17 inches tall at the shoulder when fully grown. While they are light at 10-25 pounds, they are surprisingly sturdy dogs and still carry a hint of the muscle tone of their bulldog ancestors. 

While overall a healthy breed, protecting the Boston’s huge, round eyes is extra-important. They should be checked daily as they can sometimes be prone to irritation. 

Like all compact-faced dogs, Bostons can experience breathing issues if they don’t have suitable shelter from excessive hot weather or humidity. 

Care and Grooming

boston terrier puppies for saleYou’ll be glad to know that Boston terriers are low maintenance. Their sleek, short coat sheds minimally and is easily kept neat by regular brushing once a week. They don’t have the “doggy” smell of some other breeds either. 

Bostons only need occasional baths as long as they don’t get into something messy, but be sure to wash their faces every day in order to take good care of their eyes. 

In terms of exercise, the easygoing Boston is as happy being a couch potato as it is whizzing around the park — although, of course, daily activity or stimulation in some form is essential. 


A closeup shot of for sale Boston Terrier puppiesWhile Bostons are lively and smart, they can be sensitive to your tone of voice, and too stern a word can make them switch off and pout. Training, therefore, should be low-key and motivational. Gentle corrections should be followed by warm praise. They are also affectionate. Boston Terriers love to snuggle with their owners.

Boston terriers bark at strangers like many other dogs but with proper training they can be very sweet and obedient. Persistence and consistency are recommended when training. As with all dog breeds, puppy training classes and socialization outings are strongly recommended. Gently getting your new pet used to a wide variety of people and places will develop them into a well-adjusted and mannered adult.

The Boston terrier is an attractive, gentle dog with low-maintenance grooming and exercise needs. They are well suited for apartment dwellers or those who don’t have a yard and make fantastic companions for older people and children alike. 

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