Often used to retrieve waterfowl and ducks during hunting parties, Goldendoodles are renowned for their great noses and retrieving abilities. While they’re still popular hunting pets, they also blend well into the average family thanks to their sweet, enthusiastic temperaments.

As a medium-large dog breed, most Goldendoodles are between 15 and 20 inches in height and 30 and 50 pounds in weight. However, they range from 13 inches and 15 pounds on the small side to 22 inches and 100 pounds on the large side. As an added bonus, many Goldendoodle puppies inherit the low-shedding, hypoallergenic coats of their poodle parents, making them the perfect pet for people with allergies.

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History of Goldendoodle Puppies

Goldendoodles were originally bred to be guide dogs. While they were first bred in 1969, this designer dog didn’t really take off until the 1990s, when people started to appreciate the unique blend of golden retriever and poodle traits. 

Because of their easygoing temperaments and high levels of intelligence, Goldendoodles have been used for a variety of functions — the breed makes great guide dogs, therapy dogs, and even search and rescue dogs. Above all, they’re an ideal family pet.


One of the most important factors to consider when getting a new pet is grooming needs. Thanks to the hypoallergenic nature of poodles, many Goldendoodles have low-shedding coats. While this does reduce the amount of time spent cleaning up dog fur, it doesn’t mean Goldendoodles don’t have any grooming needs. 

Most Goldendoodles have fur that resembles a cross between the curly fur found on poodles and the shaggy fur of golden retrievers. To prevent matting, it’s important to brush their fur regularly. Goldendoodles also require baths every few months to stay clean, as well as trimming when hair grows too long. 


Goldendoodles are known for being friendly and intelligent, a combination that helps make them such popular pets. From young kids and adults to strangers and other dogs, this breed is compatible with just about anybody. Because of their outgoing natures, it’s important that Goldendoodles have the opportunity to interact with other dogs and form social bonds.

Another positive attribute of Goldendoodles is their intelligence. Not only are they easy to train, but they’re also eager to please their owners and respond well to positive reinforcement. Moreover, Goldendoodles require mental stimulation and enjoy playing with engaging toys, such as chew toys or puzzle toys. 

While their social natures and playfulness make Goldendoodles great pets, it also means they shouldn’t be left alone too long. Most Goldendoodles crave company and thus don’t do well with being left alone for long periods of time. However, with the proper preparation, you can train a Goldendoodle to stay home alone for up to eight or nine hours.


Goldendoodles have slightly above-average exercise needs, which means they fit in best with active households. Ideally, a Goldendoodle should receive at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. This need can be fulfilled through a number of activities, from walking and running to swimming and hiking. 

In addition to boosting physical health, exercise can be a great way for Goldendoodles to bond with their owners. These dogs enjoy agility courses and are always eager to impress by showing off their skills outside. Setting up your own obstacle course is a great way to fortify your relationship with your pet, teach it new tricks, and keep it in good shape. 

While Goldendoodles love going outside and running around, you shouldn’t leave them outdoors all day. Goldendoodles also enjoy spending time indoors with their favorite family members, whether it be cuddling together on the couch or playing with toys.

Diet and Health

Due to their active natures, Goldendoodle puppies require a high-quality diet to help keep up those energy levels. Most of these dogs do well with a dry kibble that’s high in protein and fats. Not only does a healthy diet encourage strength, but it also removes plaque and promotes good dental hygiene. 

When choosing a dog food, keep in mind that some dogs may have allergies — the most common canine food allergies include corn, wheat and soy. As a general rule of thumb, your dog food should always have meat listed as the first ingredient.

Along with supplying a proper diet, you should keep an eye out for any potential health problems. Both poodles and golden retrievers are prone to hip dysplasia and eye problems — fortunately, the risk of health issues can be reduced by working with a responsible breeder.

Our Health-Tested Puppies Have a 14-Day Guarantee

There’s no doubt that Goldendoodle puppies make the perfect pet for any family. Not only will they get along with everyone in your family, but they’re also hypoallergenic and low-shedding. Of course, it’s important that you get your Goldendoodle from a reputable source. 

At Puppies St. Pete, we offer an array of sweet, smart Goldendoodle puppies that are ready to meet their forever families. All our puppies come with a 14-day health guarantee — if any health issues arise within the first two weeks, you can schedule an appointment with one of our consulting area vets. We’re happy to pay for any non-optional care and cover the expenses until the problem is resolved. 

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